Carlos Sosa

Project schedule

The following is a modification made by my mentors to the original schedule found in here

Week #1:April 25 - 23 May

Gather current Dancer’s core, plugin and packaging documentation, and study this as an introduction. Arrange the working schedule with the mentors based on the observed goals, and schedule a better working process based on the timeline.

Week #1: 24 - 28 May

Review and select suggestions from users, developers, and mentors on the module. Study the possibilities of the upgrade module, and code a rough draft to be worked on.

Week #2: 29 May - 4 June

Finish successfully moving the old script intact to an object oriented module. Write tests for the current object oriented module.

Week #3: 5 - 11 June

Study Catalyst scripts and Catalyst::ScriptRunner, derive a code from both to merge to the project.

Week #4: 12 - 18 June

Write the upgrade methods and add tests for those.

Week #5: 19 - 25 June

Add the module to Dancer’s core and run it against several outdated setups. Review the results and calibrate the tests to the resulting patterns.

Week #6: 26 June - 2 July

Add an upgrade log file for the upgrade process for outdated Dancer setups.

Week #7: 3 - 8 July

Go over the tests and add any missing test to allow extensive coverage.

Week #8: 10 - 16 July

Prepare the Midterm report, describe the status of the project and further plans.

Week #9: 17 - 23 July

Document the module, and the config.yml

Week #10: 24 - 30 July

Write a code hand-out of the plugins implementation: How it must work, how will it work and for what functions. Add detailed tests to each plugin function.

Week #11: 31 July - 6 August

Calibrate and polish the plugin implementations, while tracing each test successful output to see what can be added. Write a rough draft of the documentation relating the plugin feature.

Week #12: 7 - 13 August

Review the documentation and make it more user-friendly.

Week #13: 14 - 22 August

Finish what was left undone, make sure the tests are well-written, the coverage is high and the documentation covers every aspect of the project.