Carlos Sosa

Status Report for Week #5

For Week #5, there was more testing, but these time for Dancer::Script in a real working environment. But, bin/dancer script was also tested as part of the Dancer application creation in this step-by-step scaffolding process.

While my mentors were at the French Perl Workshop, I met with my mentors, and discussed what I was working on, and what was next. In that meeting, sawyer pointed out several problems with the tests, and the way I added several variables and broke the tests files. franck did a review on a code I wrote to check the name variable supplied by the user. For that commit, here is the link.

What I worked on Week #5

So more then working on writing code, I tested Dancer::Script and the method run_scaffold against working Dancer applications. For example, this blog was running with Dancer::Script, and I tried on another working application for the same purpose. They all run correctly. The only problem that was occurring when loading the module, was a horrible message of Subroutine’s stacking each other. In a single commit, it was fixed by sawyer.

Upon having a successful day testing Dancer applications, I went back to test the scaffolding process of creating a working Dancer application. I discovered a bug, and another problem with the logic for selecting the correct Dancer without a directory, all dependent on the name given by the user. Let me explain more about the problem, so given a name to bin/dancer script like this Foo::Bar, this name will produce ../Foo-Bar/lib/Foo/ That is what is expected. But, if you entered Foo only, its output ../Foo/lib/Foo/ when the correct structure is ../Foo/lib/ Which breaks the call in for Foo package in the lib dir. So what I did was just added some simple logic to select the correct way it should be structured. You can find it in this commit.

So after this several commits, the module Dancer::Script and the run_scaffold method runs as expected.

What’s next?

For week #6, the following are the key points:

  • Add an upgrade log file.
  • Add a built log file.
  • Add tests to each log creation process.

I’m currently working in a way to use the write methods from Dancer::Script to write the logs needed. Well see what I get, I will commit soon about the usage of such methods. Probably use write_file method, and print out everything to it.

Aside from the work, I seem to be back-on-track and on-point, not ahead of the schedule, but a bit further then current week. All to the help of my mentors. Thank you, Franck and Sawyer.

The Shout’out goes to hobbestigrou, creator of Dancer::Plugin::Feed and other plugins. For letting me use MahewinSexyURL to test Dancer::Script on a working application.