Carlos Sosa

Status Report for Week #6

For week #6, The main work was done around the debugging log. At first, the main goal for week #6 was to reformat the way the output log of the current module was working. I worked on the way it was outputting the writing process and such, and also on writing a log output into a file. By the time I met with my mentor, Franck. He noted that the file output wasn’t going to be needed as much as we thought it would be, and advise to move from the old good ol’ print output and use other method that doesn’t require a new module to be added to the long list of imports that the module already makes use of.

What I worked on Week #6

Most of the output was done with several print outs with good ol’ print, this left the message completely out-of-context, a needless output. I first commited an extension of the last behavior, which seem to work and also wrote the output to a file called ‘built.log’. The commit took out the point of writing the output log to a file like noted in the project schedule. But IMHO, the commit wasn’t as solid as I liked it to be. It was simple output with print which I didn’t seem right. Here is the link to the commit.

After that, franck reviewed the commit, and told me to focus on using Dancer::Logger. So instead of using good ol’ print, I should use the logger that Dancer come with. After checking it out with Franck, the output log as a file wasn’t necessary at the moment. So I commited with a modified logic based on the writes stages of Here is the commit.

Before that, my approach was to use Log4perl, but as franck noted, it was more than what we needed. debug method from Dancer::Logger was sufficient to write to the output we want it, without rewriting anything else.

What’s next?

For week #7, the following are the key points:

  • Add more tests.
  • Go over the current tests.
  • Check for any other feature to add.

For week #7, it’s mostly to check on what other work and commits can be added before the midterm report. Week #8 will be about the midterm report, and somewhat a deal of work same as week #7.

So expect reports for week #7 and week #8 more related with the meetings of my mentors & I. They would be good weeks to manage other fixes, I might missed, or any other request that my mentors might have.