Carlos Sosa

Midterm Evaluations

At the day July 15, I received an email from The Google Open Source Programs Team stating that I successfully passed the Midterm Evaluations. This means that I passed the first evaluation and part of Google Summer of Code 2011 program.

I know this a late news since it’s already July 20th, but I didn’t had much time to write due to other personal issues with regards of my move away from my hometown.

I want to give my sincere appreciation to everybody that helped me in the first part, cheered me up, and to everybody that was involved with my work. This is of course to my mentors, Franck Cuny and Sawyer X, the Dancer core team (ambs, bigpresh, sukria, dams), the Perl Foundation people: rafl and mdk. Also Hobbestigrou for his sincere comments and chats, that have occur from time to time.

Now for the second part of the program, my routine is more established, and I know how my work flow is. I can quickly catch-up with work if I get behind schedule, and work around several instances of issues.

But more than that, the first part gave me a glance of how the community works, how everybody works with each other, and how everything must be documented for further reference. Now, I can truly say that more than the community, the whole project is about hard work, spending time for any PR, issue or feature. It’s a great commitment to the community. The time every developer adds to the project, and helping out is the soul of the project; every contribution be it, helping someone on the #dancer channel or adding a really impressive PR is what thrives this project to the successful software that Dancer is.

So for everybody, that helps me, helps others, and the ones that help not only on Dancer but other fields related to Perl and FOSS, thanks for your time.