Carlos Sosa

Status Report for Week #8

Week #8 was all about code review and meeting with my mentors, not that we met a whole lot, but the few huddles were about code review and future tasks. I met with Franck, he tested the few tests that I work with. Found an error, and quickly fixed with a single string. After that I added to a single commit. That did the fix. The conversation moved on to future tasks. As of first feature, I will not add more routes to that is scaffolded with script/dancer. This will only add more lines for the user to delete, and make more tedious starting to work on writing more code. After all that’s why there is a lot of documentation in Dancer::Cookbook and others. I would basically end-up reinventing the wheel. We don’t want that.

From that conversation, Franck established that we should add a better verbose output of the module. We are moving to a better format by using Dancer::Logger::Abstract and formatted to a better output.

You can read the whole conversation at this gist.

What I worked on Week #8

I worked on rebasing my current devel branch from my Dancer repo to the current devel repo in sukrias Dancer repo at github. At which I failed to rebase. But this was due to the fact that I kept writing code without pulling from the base branch in Dancer’s github repo. But this would be quite clear to be fixed in time, since Dancer::Script was written without anything recently added to the new releases nor the test file for this.

For that week, my work was also dedicated to set the format for Dancer::Logger::Abstract. I went with “%L> %m” for the format in which, I couldn’t find anything new, but just commit without thinking about it. I will rewrite this, based on my current work for Dancer::Logger.

So more of the work on writing code, it was more of planning what was going to happen in week #9. After all the schedule marked for us to prepare for the midterm reports and work on planning new features/changes or fixes. Basically, that’s what I did when I met with my mentors.

I did run perltidy for my current repo that was not correctly formatted. But as Franck noted, my current branch refactoring/script still had .perltidyrc which was a huge help for the actual re-formatting of each file.

Franck, added a new task for the week #9, which is move Dancer::Script to use Dancer::Object. A module which will make more elegant our $self calls. For example, moving from doing $self->{appname} you could do $self->appname with that module. Which is totally more elegant.

What’s next?

For week #9, the following are the key points:

  • Move to Dancer::Object.
  • Write the documentation for the module.
  • Rebase up-to-date and test.
  • Re-format everything with perltidy.

I can’t wait to start writing the documentation, and how it will shape off is what I’m more excited about. There isn’t going to be much content, but this will be new to me, since somebody will finally critique my content.

Now that the midterm evaluations are over, I’m more calm and ready to work. I can say that it was a heck of nervous feelings to me. I’ve never felt so competent at my work, but then again a lot of people that I mention in this post, are the ones that helped me pass through this last weeks rumble.

Congratulations to every mentor and student that pass their midterms successfully.