Carlos Sosa

Status Report for Week #9

For week #9, I met for a few days with my mentors, but didn’t set new tasks, it was mostly code review. They did help me out with the migration of Dancer::Script to Dancer::Object. After that I added some other details to my commits, modifications that my mentors had been pushing since the last weeks. From that most of my time was taken by handling the module with Dancer::Object. After that, tests and more tests were part of the whole week. It was really more about me studying what I was going to do than actually writing code. I did format the log outputs in the module and added new error messages.

What I worked on Week #9

I completely moved everything to Dancer::Object, so not only did we make use of Dancer::Logger, but also take more on Dancer modules, instead of adding more dependencies. So what does this means? Well, that you go from using this:

To using this:

This makes the reading/writing more elegant, and you make use of less lines per action or logic block. You can find more about that modification in this commit.

While I was at this I used perltidy to indent and format correctly my files, so I could present Dancer::Script to the core team of Dancer. So the end-of-lines, tabs, and spaces that my editor was doing, are no longer in my files.

While I was modifying stuff related to the module, Franck ask me to modify all the subs naming into private methods. The methods moved from templates to _templates, and so forth in the file. The following commit shows the changes.

For last, I added the new error outputs using the method error() from Dancer::Logger::Abstract. Since I was already using debug method, it felt right to also make use of error(). You can find those lines changes in this commit.

What’s next?

For week #10, the following are the key points:

  • Finish and polish the documentation for the module.
  • Fix new errors in several tests.
  • Write a code hand-out of the plugins implementation.
  • Add detailed tests to each plugin function.

So this week’s work is more than I thought, but I’m happy because of the progress I’ve made without much guidance for week #9. For week #10, I’m happy to say that this would take me all the week, including the weekend. I don’t want to get stuck in the most important thing: the documentation.

On another note, I introduced Dancer::Script to the Dancer’s core development team in the following post I did in the middle of the week. Here is the post. I had a positive feedback, so thanks to everyone that read my post.

Cheers to everybody!