Carlos Sosa

Status Report for Week #10

Week #10 was actually quite fun. I added POD documentation to Dancer::Script, fixed some tests that were broken by the move to Dancer::Object, and also fixed typos and other stuff.

So what was the fun part? Particularly, studying everybody else documentation in the Dancer::Cookbook, I still don’t think that my documentation is the best, but far from very-basic is what I was trying to achieve.

I did meet with my mentors to discuss the work of week #10, which was really not very detailed in the project schedule. It was about dealing with the plugin reimplementation of Dancer::Plugin to Dancer::Script. After a couple of questions, we decided that it would be best to see how other web frameworks handle their files.

What I worked on Week #10

My whole work for that week was to achieve better results for the t test files. So after commiting and commiting, nothing worked, until I got to the point that I had to review every test. So the answer of every issue was the fact that we moved to Dancer::Object. Here is the commit for the tests files.

I also took a look to the documentation in other modules, and added to the module my version of what I think is correct for Dancer::Script. You can find the documentation in this commit and in this commit.

What’s next?

  • Add a better documentation.
  • Look for a new method to store template files.
  • Implement the new method to store template files.
  • Add tests for the documentation (if possible).

For week #11, it’s mostly study and implement several new ideas. Just like in any other features, Dancer is gaining from the knowledge and methods that other frameworks have successfully applied. One phrases comes to mind, “standing on the shoulders of giants…”