Carlos Sosa

Concluding Status Report

Well, after my last Status Report, my project proposal was completed, at least, that was what my mentors stated. Therefore, my mentors suggested to stop coding the last feature that we agreed on, the external templates for the files. So my mentors decided that I should stop, on the last commit, and rebase to the commit before the last commit. That commit before the last head in the repo, will be the one to be packed and uploaded to the GSoC website and repo.

Dancer::Script is now a complete OO module, that makes use of the same dependencies that Dancer calls for. With the inclusion of Dancer::Object to the module, there is the capability of rolling their own versions of the scaffolding module, just like Dist::Zilla dists. From that, the module adds several functions for any Dancer deployment, and works better without the need of re-scaffolding another app each Dancer update.

I wrote a post with a better description of Dancer::Script. You can find it here.

In conclusion, now that the project is complete, I’m more than grateful for the opportunity. To work with my mentors, Franck and Sawyer, was really a great learning experience, and the community was really helpful. More than helping out, I felt like part of the team. For that, I will continue to contribute to Dancer and other Perl web frameworks, and probably move to other fields that Perl is useful in.

Aside from that, I will apply again, and hope to work for the The Perl Foundation again in the following GSoC, probably for the Dancer web framework again. Let’s keep this going :)

See you around on IRC, any Perl related site, or mailing list. I hope to work with everyone again.