Carlos Sosa

GSoC 2011 and Dancer

As of Monday, April 25th, I’m an accepted student to be part of Google Summer of Code 2011 for The Perl Foundation and the Perl Dancer project. I feel like this is more of an opportunity to learn from my mentors and others in the Perl community. Not that they will be my teachers, but mentors for the work that is expected from me. Even though my proposal is simple, the work won’t be. We are still in the process of reworking the proposal schedule.

You can find my proposal here.

I will be working on an update module for the Dancer core. Since its stable releases, Dancer as been deployed without an update script or module. In my case, I’ve had to rewrite routes and functions to each new update for my blog to be up-to-date. This module will come in handy for each deployed web-app that hasn’t been updated.

My mentors are Sawyer X (sawyer) and Franck Cuny (franck), however, just like my mentors, Florian Ragwitz (rafl) helped me a lot in the whole process of applying and getting to know everyone.

At first, I wanted to apply, but wasn’t too sure about the whole idea. After communicating with sawyer back and forth via irc and mail, I decided to apply with a basic idea of what I wanted to do. sawyer decided that the update module would be a better idea to work on rather than fixing the multiple applicatons in one app.psgi file feature that was also proposed.

As cheesy as this might sound, GSoC for me is more about the experience gained and networking with the community than the actual payments or intership. I know everything counts, but in the end, all this work is to give back to the Perl community and the Perl Dancer project.

Thanks to my mentors, the Perl Dancer developers, the Perl community, and GSoC officials for the opportunity.

Shout’out to Hugmeir for taking on the task of cleaning the Perl core, and to everyone else who was accepted to represent the Perl Foundation in GSoC.