Carlos Sosa

may updates

I finally added the sorting logic for the entries in the code & archive section. With those changes made, the milestone I had set is finally done. But that also opened my interest to add more changes, specially, on the feeds. I guess the work is never over. So be on the lookout for new entries in the code section, but be aware that this are long posts, similar to the typical documentation formats. My apologies if you were expecting the 650 words limitation of a normal entry format.

On other news, GSoC coding period started yesterday. This week it’s expected from Google to send out the packages to the selected students, I’m mostly thrill, but cautious. Since that box symbolizes to me the responsibility that has been put on my shoulders. So I’m eager to learn and work for the project. Let’s see what happens in the week.

If you want to learn about my work of these week, see the gsoc section in the code section.

On a less geekier side of life, summer has started in my border hometown of Mexicali, and it isn’t as hot as it always seems to be. The daily commute is simple and chill for the moment. I’m hoping it continues to be like that for more than two weeks. If not, then one of the days of June will be marked as a “visit to the beach” day in the calendar.

I also did a move to a Flickr account, and I will be constantly uploading to it. So if you care to join me in the graphical side of life, the account name is the same as usual.

For the ones who speak the hacking lingo/slang, fork me in my github account. Check out my work for GSoC and Perl Dancer in my Dancer repo.