Carlos Sosa

june - july updates

Much has happened in these fast paced months, first and foremost, every week I was blessed with the presence of my beautiful girlfriend. Her constant care and help is what makes our days work for better. For that and more, I’m grateful.

In a more egocentric agenda, I’ve been working non-stop for my next move to the big city. Of course, of the closest big cities in my area, the most techie is San Francisco. So expect me soon in the streets of North Hill, SoMa, and Russian Hill. I haven’t found a job nor a place to stay in SF, but I’m pretty sure that as soon as I get to the city, I will start seeking and settling in the beautiful city of massive sunsets.

*Why San Francisco?*
Well, simple answer:

  • Techie city: Half of the population of professionals in SF is involved/works with technology.
  • Beautiful city: Search for “San Francisco” in Flickr, and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Fun city: Beach, restaurants, shows, mostly everything I like in walking distances.
  • Diversity city: There is a huge diversity of races, cultures and activities.

Born and raised in a border city, I’ve learned that the more I travel the more I learn, so moving to a city with such rich diversity will nourish and teach me more than any experience in my hometown will ever do.

I want to learn from all these key-points that make
San Francisco such a magnificent metropolis.

*What about School?*
Well, what about it? I’m going to continue, probably enroll to a community college of the area, and continue until I can enroll in SFSU, UCSC or UCB (of course, if the gods of UC will grant me access).

On another note, I’m almost done with Google Summer of Code. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve experienced communicating remotely with other to other developers. To be honest, I don’t want GSoC to end, I’ve learned a lot from my mentors, people that work with Dancer, and from the people that put so much time and effort to develop great projects in Perl.

I have written about my experience passing the midterms, and also about the current status of my project with Perl Dancer.

I’m pretty sure my log will be more active in the following weeks.