Carlos Sosa

a quick update in ten points

The last post was two years ago. San Francisco and the bay area offer attractions, conferences, and events of all kind. Therefore, the delay.

I’ve enjoyed every single event with my new friends. Travel is now a usual task in my agenda. However, this will stop after my wife finds a job. Living with my wife is a beautiful adventure. She adapted to the city faster than I. Her goals are now to study, while maintaining a work-life balance.

In retrospective, my life in ten points:

  • Got married to my beautiful girlfriend.
  • Worked in three important start-ups; two failed, and one gave me great friends and mentors.
  • Got involved in the Hacker space community of Noisebridge and Sudoroom.
  • Lived in two popular San Francisco districts.
  • Back to studying and playing Go.
  • Back to studying Japanese 日本語.
  • Traveled often to my hometown.
  • Attended my first YAPC::NA.
  • Rediscovered my love for LISP and SICP.
  • Back to Emacs.

/The knowledge obtained in the past solves most challenges of the future./

My personal life spectrum has grown. My new friends are now closer to my wife and I; my brothers are on the path of their own careers. Change is inspiring—I wouldn’t change this two years in San Francisco for anything—my next move might be Berkeley, it’s still undecided.