Carlos Sosa

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When I was attending college; both the teachers and the faculty of computer science recommended Emacs. Most course work and homework was designed for it. Every student I knew used Emacs. It wasn’t a matter of personal decision, but an imposition of a tool.

Six years ago, my devotion for Vim and fast text editing started. It turned into a habit that I no longer need. For the past years, most of my craft was dedicated to the end user, and the pragmatic design. My current job activities are to fine tune application logic and re-factor code. On a daily basis, aside from Emacs, I use ack, a pen, and some paper.

Why Emacs?

Vim taught me what fast text editing is, how an editor should behave, how to edit text effectively, and how the OS & editor combination works. Both editors suffice the opinionated, and most user cases.

The war is over.